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The Seven Geometrical Vowels

[This title appears twice in Lucifer: Vol. 3, December 1888, p. 317-20;
and Vol. 4, March 1889, p. 18-20.
The two are here treated as a single article with a footnote
to alert the reader where the “break” occurs – both are signed: A CHELA.


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A CIRCLE simply represents a limit. There is no point within its circumference.


Rotate the sphere; then looking at it from above, along the line of its axis, and it exhibits a point in the centre.

This is the point around which the whole sphere revolves, and the quicker the revolutions the more defined the point. Looking at this same sphere from the plane of its equator; its axis, which before was a dot, shows itself as a line.

The straight line is, therefore, the same as the point, only upon a given plane of observation.

If the dot be the point of consciousness of the globe, then the vertical line shows the direction of that same consciousness.

The extent of a line can only be defined from a plane at right angles to the point. That plane is, therefore, represented by the horizontal line.

For these two lines to have an actual manifested existence the sphere must rotate in two opposite directions at the same time, upon poles at right angles to each other.

In such case the line of consciousness, or the line of manifestation, according to which axis remains stationary, will appear to contract and expand.

Supposing the line of consciousness to extend as a force beyond the circle, and set up a rotation from itself, and being without any attraction or retarding influence along the line of its existence, its vibration would gradually assume a circular form.

Therefore the soul or consciousness in order to create or surround itself by a perfect circle, must have no attractions along its line of existence.

An attraction or weight upon the plane of its manifestation would cause it to assume the form of two Triangles. The quicker the revolutions and the more powerful the plane of manifestation would become,

until the line of consciousness were almost absorbed in the plane of its manifestation.


Therefore the Triangle must imply a base of attraction, or plane of existence, upon which the manifestation is exhibited,
and must be the opposite of the circle which implies no plane of existence or attraction.
 The Triangle defines the two extremes of consciousness upon the plane of manifestation

As the plane of manifestation is at right angles to the point, the attraction of that plane must be midway between the extremes of consciousness, therefore the existence of           implies the existence of   also

We have therefore the incomprehensible
manifesting consciousness
upon the plane of existence  

producing nature


 or in concrete form  

These forms correspond to the Elements in nature. And to the Vowels in our Language, which are the Soul of the words, as the elements are the soul of Nature. Thus: —

Akas — the vowel O
  Air — the vowel I
This line divides the circle into two parts; the upper hemisphere representing Light – thus

Space, the plane of Divine consciousness corresponding to the vowel

Darkness – Void


  Fire to the vowel A
Earth to the vowel
   Water to the vowel Y
As these several forms are evolved from the activity of the central consciousness     

it is manifest that from Akas are evolved Air, Fire and Water, which, in combined and concrete form, produce Earth; that Heat and Moisture are but reversed conditions of the same cause.

The vowels are the soul of language, without them a word cannot be spoken. The consonants simply indicate the manner in which the vowel is to be expelled from the mouth, which by correspondence, is equivalent to saying that the consonants indicate the form in which the elements are set in motion and combined to produce a natural manifestation. The correspondence might be carried to an extent not wise to write down.

If these forms correspond to our vowels they ought to contain all the letters of the alphabet to which they belong, just as the Elements, of which all manifestations in nature are composed, are expressed by the same forms.

And so we find to be the case, thus: –

This monogram contains all the forms

Also the vowels a, e, i, o, u, w, y.   

This is the true Masonic Gavel, the symbol of power, combining in the significance of its lines and form, all the forces of Creation, within nature.

The handle is formed of the tail of the vowel Y, which is a continuation of the of Divine intelligence, extending, from above, through fire and water, and earth and even beyond manifested nature. He who can wield this gavel by the handle of conscious intelligence has a right to sit in the Chair of King Solomon.

Man is a combination of all the elements of creation. Therefore his form ought to be an outline of the elements of Form.

Akas, [1] the centre of consciousness being on the place of Individuality, the point can only be seen from the highest position of observation; so Individuality is the point of consciousness from the highest or mental aspect. This consciousness extends down the backbone, and evolves by its development the circle of the body, having its material plane, or horizontal line, across the stomach.


[1] Ether would express better the idea than Akasa. The latter has but one characteristic: it is the cause and creator of Sound, i.e., the LOGOS. — [ED.]{HPB}

The lower half including the viscera or “Void” (U). The upper half the light or vital power Ω  takes in above the diaphragm.


E or earth, the stomach, &c., to the navel, and U or void, the bowels below the navel, and including the hinder parts.

It will be observed that the womb and other organs are in the Void. The Void is the Light reversed.

The handle of the Mallet, or Extended Consciousness, shows the direction which the Intelligence, evolved by the revolution of Akas, may take, and going downward through Void may be lost to the intelligent Consciousness of the Circle at the top of the figure (the head) by which it is created.

We have the legs evolved from “Void,” and yet we place the vowel W to “Space” or light?

The opposite to “Space” is certainly the legs by which we are, as it were, bound to the plane upon which we live, so long as the “Void” exists to which we are attached.

But suppose we double up the figure from the central line which divides it in two, the line of natural manifestation; the result would be:

The body has disappeared. There is not any of it left but the vital functions above the diaphragm – Fire and Air. Wings have replaced the legs, enabling the Intelli-gent Consciousness to go where it pleases, W “Space” alone being the plane by which it is limited, Individuality being the centre of the circle of Existence.
It is to be noted that Venus is the planet giving great refinement to the mind (“Light” W), Love of Art and Science, Music and Poetry,but at the same time delight in Venus pleasures and waste of Vril. Prominent in the seal of the planet Venus is the sign or
the vowel  which is vital force or consciousness in fluid form ( , water).

We have implied that consciousness expressed by symbol upon a plane, may extend not only from above to below, but also along the horizontal line of manifestation.

The Masonic gavel has, therefore, four positions, which represented complete would be this sign –


                                  A CHELA.



[Here begins second insertion under the same title and signature.]

TEN is the number of Jehovah, the typical personal God.” See LUCIFER, December, page 291 [see shaded portion, p.21].

The word “Jehovah” contains the five vowels, therefore, according to the “The Geometrical Vowels,” page 317 [see preced-ing article], it expresses a combination of Air I, Earth E, Water V, Fire Λ, with one consonant, H, added. The letter H is only an aspirate – a breath; it is repeated, there-fore TWO breaths.


From a geometrical point of view, two Hs
at once suggest solidity; put in perspective
they would be


As the vowels I E O V A express the elements named, these combined with the two Breathings are those elements in concrete form; or as given in our text, a “personal God,” by reason of those two Breathings.


I E H O V A H : — This is the form of it.


which from a side view is


Its two pyramids rest upon the plane of the horizontal line.

The vowel E and the letter H are intimately connected, the H completing the solidity of the vowel E, making it


E, as representing Earth, is a combination of Elements in tangible (solid) form, which, as we have just deduced, is completed by the breathing of H.

Therefore, of the vowels we have only Four left A I O V.

We came to the conclusion, page 2, that water was only a reversed condition of Fire, therefore a form of Λ. consequently the vowels are reduced to Three A I O as the primal Trinity which is very similar to our word God.



The letter I (am) is here induced by the    operation of the letter N, which by its peculiar enuncia-tion checks the outgoing of the vowel A and forces it upwards into the head, producing the I, consciousness as represented in the monogram.


 is nearly the same as therefore by evolution

of I A m, man is produced, and by the involution of Man, I A m is produced.

W O M A N joined to M A N generates the winged egg.
In  is I Λ V O, but neither E nor H is in the monogram.
It expresses a conception of Divine energy prior to its out-Breathing. Although by the completion of the Bases of the two Triangles two planes of consciousness are indicated within the circle of the Boundless, as Light and Darkness.

In this the wheels turn in one direction as indicated by the arrows, from left to right.

This is the Sign

Cancer, which by Taro, is generation of first forms of Life. This is One Breath of Jehovah.


Reverse the wheels and we have

The Second Breathing.

These together are


The curious will easily find that this monogram contains all the numbers – as stated in my Text, all the signs of the Zodiac – and many other things. And by adding E and H, it will be found to contain all the letters of the English alphabet.

Astrological inference: – The weight of attraction upon the line of operation of I producing the two triangles is an antagonistic influence, opposed to the completion of the circle of I (as shown on p. 1), and tending to draw together the two polar points, and to absorb them in the plane of its power.

In this diagram it is seen that these points represent an influence 90 degrees apart.

A C, C B, B D, D A, an astrological     square.

This retarding influence or weight must be powerfully felt along the whole line of the operation C D, consequently the opposition C – D is most powerfully inimical to the points A, B, tending to absorb them.

Astrologers will see by this diagram, geometrically, how friends and pleasure are the drag upon a man and his wife’s wealth, and tend to absorb it in the plane of their power.

But the line A E and B G are in affinity with each other, and are the power of A and B extended to the limit of the circle, these represent points in Trine and sextile to each other. As do also the points of the letter H as K L, H M, L D, D M, and so on.

There is no levity in pointing out that this is the operation of Jehovah in the circumstances of the Life of man.



This article was recently publiched in the The Aquarian Theosophist, Vol. IV #12 October 17, 2004,

 Los Angeles, by ULT

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