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Extracts from B. P. Wadia Letters

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You will find that it is possible for us to know a great many facts about the Masters, i.e, about Their real nature, Their powers, etc. Most people from the days of  H.P.B. up till even now have tried to understand Them by the aid of their ordinary thinking minds, and the best of them have failed in comprehending Them. At our stage They and Their Work have to be apprehended. It is a matter more of higher feeling than of philosophical thought. More of imagination should go into our ideation. Our study gives us the basis for our reflection. By this way Judge succeded where Sinnett failed. So, don’t try to reach out to Them with the mind, but, making study and service your basis, reach out to Them with your Heart. Strong search on the path of enquiry, gentle service of the souls of your fellows, humility in both study and service, will make Wisdom spring up spontaneously in you and you will know Them. Read the fourth chapter of the Gita. I tell you, Devotion does it; nothing else can. I agree with you: the starting point is within ourselves. So, find the starting point within yourself. In fact you have found that starting point in recognizing this very truth. The next steps are in every direction. How very accurately you have found the key to the march forward by taking up Judge’s Letters That Have Helped Me! You cannot find a better guide than those letters, written mostly to Jasper Niemand who succeeded in reaching Them by the heart.


The Theosophical Movement, January 1960, Vol 30, # 3, p 87.


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