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Extracts from B.P. Wadia Letters

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”Taking knowledge” should become a habit. And it is not only from books but from people, things and objects and also from events that we can learn. Everyone and everything has its own message for us. Nature speaks to us in its own language of sublime silence –  through numbers and forms, colours and sounds, words which make events, historically repeated, intuitively prophetic. In our own speech and deeds we learn the motions of our own thinking and feeling. To learn thus we need to be seeing without and serving that without. But it is the Inner which sees and the Inner which serves. Next, in the Inner is the individual ”I”-centre and the Universal All-Wholeness. The triple universe – of the without, of the within of the ”I,” and of the All, the Most High – this should come to our consciousness as we walk, talk, eat and act. Every breath is triple.

This leads to continuous meditation, the first step to which is to do everything with attention. Attention is the power-expression of Dhyana. Concentration begins with attention. Attention directs us to accuracy and punctuality. The feeling of  ”to do, to do,” as Judge puts it, makes us rush and attention is the remedy to slow down and become rhythmic. This forces us to eliminate many actions as unnccessary. So we are forced to examine our motives and there purity of causation comes in.

Now, we are doing something every moment: we are reading the newspaper or studying the S.D.; we are sitting or we are walking; etc. Well, we have to learn to be attentive to our functions. How do we walk – at what speed, with what rhythm? How do we talk – fast or deliberately, drawlingly or rhythmically? Just try to concentrate on how you eat – do you eat slowly and deliberately, or do you gobble and get to work? Do you register the taste? And so on. You will soon find that in all this there is a subjective and inner process and an objective, outer process. Other steps follow as we go on.

The Theosophical Movement,
december 1959, Vol 30, # 2, p 72.


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