Our Real Friends
[Shri Krishna´s Message]

by B.P. Wadia 

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Their very hearts and minds are in me; enlightening one another and constantly speaking  of me, they are full of enjoyment and satisfaction. To them thus always devoted to me, who worship me with love, I give that mental devotion by which  they come to me. For them do I out of my compassion, standing within their hear destroy the darkness that springs from ignorance by the brilliant  lamp of spiritual discernment.
The Bhagavad-Gita, X, 9-11. 

During this month, the Hindu religionists and mystics of discerning heart of every faith will celebrate Krishna's Nativity. He is called Shabda Brahman, which the ancient Greeks designated as the Logos, the Christians as the Word made Flesh. 

Does the Divine Incarnation recognized by followers of every faith, whether as Krishna, Christos, or by any other name, and whether His Natal Day is observed in August, in December, or at any other time, give us an intimation of the Great Reality
  the effect of the cause which is concealed, but which can be sensed and realized? 

How should we think of the Ever-Living Divine Presence, the Incomprehensible Omniscience, the Mysterious Impersonality, ever invisible, intangible, indescribable, and yet omnific? Instinct and reason alike compel us to regard Deity as the Unavoidable. Intuition, or Pure and Compassionate Reason, illumines the whole field of our ideation by revealing the magical activity of the Deity, which expresses the purposeful fitness of all things. It is the Necessity. Without it, right living becomes impossible. 

In the Fourth Chapter of  the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna offers in a simple way a profound truth. He says to Arjuna that he has communicated to him the Ancient, Secret Wisdom, because "thou art my devotee and my friend." 

Enveloped by fear of decay and destruction, men and women seek a sense of security. Most of them miss out the one sure source of security, viz., the immortal nature of the human soul. Our civilization and modern learning teach a false twisted psychology of the soul. We have at the core of our being an innate "something" which prompts us to a belief in the soul. Our upbringing makes short work of that belief. The results are disastrous.

Devotion and friendship of the highest order manifest in three ways. (1) There is devotion and friendship between our mortal mind and its immortal counterpart, the Shining One. (2) There is devotion and friendship between our personal mind-soul as a learner and the Gracious Guru, the embodiment of pure love and true knowledge. (3) There is devotion and friendship among all learners of the True, among fellow disciples who are pilgrims to the Sacred City of Light. 

Krishna loves his alter ego Arjuna as his friend because he finds Arjuna's heart full of devotion. Those who are Kshatriya souls, fortune's favored soldiers, have their Divinity close to them. Fighting the carnal nature that is the constant enemy of man on earth, they find the Constant Friend closa at hand. Nearer than hands and feet is Krishna
the Christos.

Krishna also represents the Gracious Guru, the Teacher, prepared to deliver us "from all transgressions." The qualifications are most difficult of attainment. Arjuna gains them at the very end, in the Eighteenth Chapter of  the Bhagavad Gita. Those who merely say "Krishna, Krishna" are not the disciples. The disciples are those who place their hearts upon Him as He has declared Himself to be. Most "devotees" have their fanciful image of the Guru. What is it that is taught to the pupil? The pupil is taught a secret that must never be revealed. 

A Guru has numerous disciples
true learners, intelligent devotees, intimate friends. Such are few and they form a Fellowship, a Companionship. Of such fellow disciples, it is said that their attention is concentrated on the Guru. With every breath, they inhale the vital magnetism. With every exhalation, they speak the wisdom of the Guru and feel full of Beatitude and Bliss. 

The intimation of the Most High brings us along three ways the sure sense of security from fears
of disease, decay, and death. This knowledge is what men need. How many know that it is available? Let us seek within the heart the light of the purified mind. In our attempt, we are aided and encouraged by fellow soldiers. Fighting their own battles, they are achieving their own successes. The Great Chain called the Guru-parampara reveals our true Gurus Lovers and Benefactors of the human race.

Thus have I heard.


From "Thus have I heard", pages 16-18.
Utgiven av Indian Institute of World Culture, 1959.


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